Putting Some Loving in Lip Care

Chapstick has been the go to lip balm for years The biggest choice when shopping for lip care was tinted or not, and what scent to buy. There was nothing fun, stylish, or even the least bit wild about this go to staple that has dominated the lip care market for ages. This was, of course, until seven years ago when Evolution of Smooth hit the scene and took the lip balm market by storm.

Better known as EOS, these stylishly circular lip balms are all the craze when it comes to lip care. High-end style magazines, celebrities, and average Joes cannot seem to get enough of the fun, flirty new product. The demand for EOS lip balm has sky rocketed it above the previous leaders Chapstick and Blistex to make it the second most popular product in it’s’ sector only behind Burt’s Bees.

The creators decided to think out of the box when it came to oral care and specialized on the gender neutral sector into a product line that was formatted specifically for women and their day to day needs. Each and every sphere of Evolution of Smooth was developed to please the five senses, from taste to touch and sound. Through innovation, determination, and a lot of footwork, EOS has since become a 250 million dollar company.

Evolution of Smooth and their lady pleasing product has taken the stagnant oral care sector by storm. The specialization of a product that meets the demands of day to day life of women is revolutionizing how consumers look at lip balm. EOS is truly a company on the ball, and the sky is the limit when it comes to those fun and flirty little lip spheres. EOS products are available on Target and Costco nationwide.