FreedomPop Is A Diverse Company With Many Services

FreedomPop is providing several service to those who want a contract-free experience with their service provider. Not everyone wants to be stuck under a contract, so FreedomPop is rescuing those who feel stifled by their contract and want to try something new. Anyone who has recently left contracted cell phone company should try the services offered by FreedomPop because of their low prices, compared to other service providers. Although many cell phone companies are claiming to have the lowest rates, a FreedomPop review easily proves that they have the lowest rates.

Those that don’t want to pay any fees at all for their cell phone service can still join FreedomPop to get the free service that they have available. The free service will include talk time, data, and text messages, even though the amount of each service is limited. Everyone gets 200 minutes, 500 MB of data, and 500 text messages when they sign up for the free service, and for $10.99, anyone can upgrade to another service with additional minutes and text messages. Those that still don’t feel that they can get enough from the $10.99 service can switch to the unlimited service that starts at $20.

Many have chosen the unlimited service for $20 because it gives unlimited data as well as phone calls and text messages. Those who have had problems in the past staying within their limits should always choose an unlimited plan, but the lowest priced plan is also a good deal, which is what FreedomPop offers. Those who don’t feel that one gigabyte of 4G LTE data is enough for them can add on additional 4G LTE data for only five dollars per additional gigabyte. The data speeds will drop to 3G after all of the 4G LTE data is depleted.

An unlocked phone that takes a sim card can be used on FreedomPop’s service, and even some of the latest smartphones can be used on the service as well. FreedomPop sells a lot of different phones and tablets on their websites, which totals to over 40 devices in all, and this gives a lot of different choices to those who may be picky when they want a cell phone or tablet. FreedomPop also has sim cards that not only work in unlocked phones but can be used all over the world in order to receive calls and to make them as well.

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FreedomPop Has More To Offer Its Customers

When you start using FreedomPop, you’ll notice that you have a lot more money to work with in life. I no longer have a phone bill to pay for, and I can think of a bunch of other people over the United States and over in Great Britain that are feeling the same way I feel. FreedomPop is the new, unlimited provider of one of the best cell networks out there. They have a free service they provide! The free service actually gives customers a certain amount of data, messages and text capabilities to work with every month. That’s something that phone companies don’t want you to know.

The second you start using FreedomPop’s service, you’ll see what it’s like to have 200 MB of free data usage, 200 minutes of talk time, and 200 messages to send each month without paying a bill or signing a stinking contract. You’ll even have the choice to add this free plan onto your existing wireless plan. What more could you ask for?

FreedomPop has more to offer you. They recently gained a huge amount of funding. The funding they received was 50 million dollars, and they’re going to grow their network capabilities with it.  Then, it will be available to those customers who are traveling to any of 40 countries! The best part is they will update the SIM cards for the phones remotely, so you won’t have to trade in your hardware that fits your device. If you want to read more about the expansion of FreedomPop’s global wifi hotspots, then you should read this article from PC Mag.