Discussing Employee Burnout with Paul Saunders

Paul Saunders is the Founder of James River Capital Corporation. Currently, Saunders serves as the (CEO) Chief Executive Officer of James River and is also the founder of various firms affiliated to James River. Paul Saunders highlights the proven and tested techniques that can firm can use to tackle employee burnout.


Research shows that leading professional careers is stressful, and Saunders confirms this fact. Besides dealing with workplace pressure, employees also tackle stress from their personal lives. If the stress levels peaks to a level an employee can’t cope, the risk of burnout becomes imminent. Consequently, paying close attention to members of staff should be a priority. Employees should also be motivated while appropriate steps are taken to help employees dealing with burnout recover.


Loss of Control


The feeling of hopelessness can easily trigger employee burnout. It is proven that the loss in control of an individual’s schedule can make the person feel overwhelmed to the extent that they lose the hope of catching up.


Employers should create systems, structures, and schedules that are flexible. Rigid structures and schedules can make employees feel trapped or confined. One way to help employees tackle workplace pressure is encouraging them to spend the first fifteen minutes of their time at work outlining their day’s agenda as this will be essential in them regaining control of their time and day professionally.


Lack of Transparency


A workplace study and survey reveals that overlooking an employee during promotion is the leading contributor of employee burnout. According to the survey, when firms fail to promote employees who duly deserve a promotion, the employees may at times form a negative attitude towards the firm and its management.


Employees who receive inadequate compensation for their services also may form a negative attitude towards a company and its management. Workplace differences are normal and in certain circumstances necessary in making a firm competitive. But leaning towards the top-management and mid-management during these differences can result in the employees forming a negative attitude towards a firm and its personnel in management positions. When this happens, employee performance takes a hit, and this may result in burnout.


When matters that have the potential of affecting employees arise, the firm’s executives should have open and honest talks with the members of staff while also addressing their concerns. When a firm has a proper communication channel in place, communicating the firm’s policies on various issues, both current and those yet-to-arise, becomes easy. A firm should also provide resources that can help employees dealing with burnout recover. There are numerous workshops that employees can visit when they are experiencing work-related burnout. A company should help the employees get into these workshops to ensure recovery from burnout. Learn more: https://paulsaundersjrcc.wordpress.com/