Republicans In California Need to Take Notice

Certain Republicans in California should take notice. This includes Duncan Hunter, who is currently being investigating for the misuse of campaign funds, Darrell Issa, who has accepted contributions from major telecom corporations, and other Republicans. They should know that End Citizens United is on to their game. No longer will they be able to accept shady money and expect to get away with it. Once the people of their districts find out about their games, they will reject them and vote for their Democratic opponents. That is the message End Citizens United wants to send them. Tiffany Muller, head of End Citizens United, explained to reporters that these Republicans are some of the most egregious examples of politicians accepting shady campaign contributions.

End Citizens United wants to elect politicians who not only value integrity when it comes to campaign financing but also support their efforts to make sure that other politicians do not get a chance to accept shady contributions. They want to eventually repeal the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court that paved the way for Super PACs and anonymous donations from huge donors and corporations. This is an uphill battle, because it will require a constitutional amendment, which is no simple matter. However, End Citizens United is committed to winning this battle.

Not only that, but they are also focusing on state and local laws when it comes to campaign financing. They want to change any laws that allow politicians to accept donations without the need to be held responsible and accountable. Whether or not they succeed in their ultimate goal, there is no doubt that they are doing a lot of good by simply raising awareness of what is going on with campaign financing. People are waking up and realizing the games that politicians are playing. They are not so naive anymore, and politicians can not expect to accept donations from lobbyists and large corporations without being held accountable by the people who are voting for them. This causes politicians to be more careful. It also causes them to do more for the good for the people as opposed to what is good for them politically. That is why they are not supporting Republicans. Of course, some Republicans agree that there needs to be campaign finance reform, but as a whole, the Republican leadership in Congress is a roadblock to getting campaign finance laws passed. They are standing in the way of having the Supreme Court decision overturned, and it has to stop. End Citizens United’s average donation is under fifteen dollars, and they are held accountable to no large corporations. They get their donations from private citizens.

End Citizens United Facebook Page:

Driving Unlimited Funding Out Of Politics with End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a grassroots political movement funded by independent donors seeking political reforms. They dedicate their efforts into countering the effect of corrupt billionaires and other power hungry politicians who try to buy or interfere with the elections. Restoring justice and fairness in the political and electorate landscape is one of the critical missions of the End Citizens United.They have built a coalition that work towards pressuring the legislators to take action and reform the financial campaign system.


Core Mission


End Citizens United seeks to dismantle the disastrous and rigged political system, reform campaign financial system, and pass state ballot measures. They work towards bringing to an end the activities of the Citizens United, unlimited money in the political arena to restore sanity during elections. End Citizens United leverages grassroots memberships and the power of the constitution to push for democracy and ensure the candidates elected to a public office are pro-reform. Also, they work to ensure controlled money in politics to ensure a corruption-free election campaign. For instance, they do not accept more than $5000 giving from a single donor.


The movement financially supports Democratic candidates with meaningful reforms to the group’s financial system beliefs. They stand up for any other pro-reformed candidate under attack by corporate mega-donor and dark money groups.


Why Support the Democrats?


End Citizens United supports the Democrats because they are dedicated to reform the nation’s broke broken campaign finance system. Also, the Democrats fight against the Citizens United who stands squarely in the way of reformed election campaigns.


In recent press news, the End Citizens United announced the endorsements of 19 champions in their initial cycle of 2018 house endorsements. The individuals endorsed are pro-campaign finance reformers. This fist cycle of approval will connect the candidates with grassroots members providing a platform to increase advocacy activities that elevate campaign finance reforms.


According to the executive director of End Citizens United, these endorsements will ensure the dark money groups do not maneuver their way to hijacking the democracy of the United States. He added that the current financial campaign system was modeled to sell the government to the highest bidder. In an attempt to drive the big money bags out of the politics, the group is also raising funds that run their activities. Today, they have raised over $4 million during the first quarter of the year, and projects to collect $35 million dollars before the 2018 midterm Congress elections. According to the reports released to the USA TODAY, the amount will be a strong surge from the $25 million injected into the 20l6 first cycles of election operations. The group indicated that they would be defending Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown on the next year of elections.