Handy Got All Five Of My Bathrooms Clean And Spotless

It can take a lot of time for me to clean my bathrooms because I have five of them in my home. I did some remodeling a year ago, and I was able to add two more bathrooms to my home, so it can be a lot to clean all of the bathrooms. Since I only use one of the bathrooms, I never really have to clean the other four but once a month. I recently received notice that my family members were coming into town, so I needed to have all five of my bathrooms clean, but I didn’t have the time to do it.

I just had to have help, and Handy gave me all the help that I needed. After getting some good sound advice from a friend, I took to the NYC Tech Mommy website to make an appointment to have someone clean my bathrooms. I also needed some vacuuming done, so everything would be ready for my guests in time. I chose the one day that I would have available to have the Handy worker come over, and I got the price for the service online, so I was able to make payment beforehand. The worker came and got started right away.

I let the worker know that all five of the bathrooms needed cleaning, and I was waiting for them to complain, but they went right to work with a smile on her face. I heard her scrubbing and could smell the different chemicals that she was using to clean, and I was very pleased with what I was seeing. They went from one bathroom to another, and I would check behind her to make sure she was doing a good job. I loved what I saw because she even cleaned the baseboards in the bathroom, which is not something that I asked for.

After she finished all five bathrooms, she began to vacuum, and she had everything done in the home in under four hours. She really took her time doing all the work she needed to, and she saved me a lot of time as well. I wanted to hug her when she was finished working but thought it would be inappropriate, so I shook her hand and made sure that she got a very generous tip. I also took the time to go to the Handy website to leave a very positive comment about my experience.


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