Rocketship Education, the Academy that gives Learners More than the Basic Education

People have different capabilities. Some of us can easily afford some things that another group can’t. That is the normal setting of life, and we have to help those of us who cannot afford what we can. This is the moral lesson that Rocketship United Academy is teaching the society. Rocketship has been working with the community to uplift those who are not capable of affording an education on their own. Every move that Rocketship has been making is always community-centered and aims at supporting the society.

The staff body is carefully picked to ensure that every member is of a character that will maintain the school’s legacy. The names of all the Rocketship schools are selected according to the names that parents in the community suggest to show how important the community is to the school. The people who work at the schools also have something good to say about Rocketship. Most of them have been given opportunities that they needed so desperately. The students also have something to be thankful for; apart from basic quality education, they are given support from a personal perspective to help them develop socially and mentally.

Many students talk about how life was for them before they were given an opportunity to study at one of the Rocketship schools. Some of them are keen to mention that they were almost giving up since they had visited many institutions which refused to admit them even after sharing their story. The institutions cared less about helping them and focused on the money that they could get from them. The situation was a little bit different when they came to Rocketship where they were treated nicely and asked to explain carefully why they couldn’t raise the money to pay for their education. The institution then picked them and came up with a plan that could help them survive in school.

Rocketship observes the following core values strictly; empathy, responsibility, respect, and persistence. The academy’s operations are guided by these principles, and through them, it is able to bring up students who can survive both at school and beyond school life. This is just the perfect place for anyone whether they are students or teachers. Here you are able to contribute greatly to the community and grow at the same time.