Premium Pet Food Market Reaches $10B In U.S.

Pet owners who want only the best for their companions can now feed them food that could easily be consumed by humans. The trend of ultra premium pet food shows no signs of stopping any time soon. The over all pet food market is valued at $23.7 billion dollars according to Yahoo Finance and the premium pet food market weighs in at a staggering $10.5 billion in he United States. With ingredients like fresh chicken and turkey, freshly picked cranberries and blueberries These are meals that many humans wouldn’t mind seeing on their own dining room tables. The premium pet food space has been dominated by smaller companies like Freshpet, Blue Buffalo and Merrick Pet Care but now some of the largest pet food manufacturers in the world are embracing the premium pet food trend. Purina now offers on Amazon pet owners to customize their very own special blend for their pets. Other large pet food brands are now buying up these smaller companies to gain entry into the market space. One of the largest pet food brands in the industry, Beneful, continues to produce high quality, healthy pet food at an affordable price. They have entered the premium pet food market with their Beneful Prepared Meals line which has garnered positive reviews from pet owners everywhere. The Prepared Meals line come in individual plastic containers which can be re-sealed to keep the remaining portion fresh. They are made with fresh cuts of meat, fresh vegetable and quality grains.