Todd Lubar and The Outstanding Leadership Roles That He’s Gone Through

Running a business has different levels of challenges, risks, and problems, and those who have survived running a company should have a lot of wisdom to impart. One of these outstanding businessmen who have, either by luck or sheer skill and talent, survived the challenges of running a business is Todd Lubar, the successful businessman based in Maryland. How exactly does his business leadership look like? Let’s find out in the article below.



The Syracuse University Education



It could be said that all of the outstanding success of Todd Lubar today could have started and caused by the Syracuse University Speech Communication class that he took. The language education that he took from the school was formative to the career that he has right now.



Right now, he is the renowned President of TDL Ventures, which is a team of marketing professionals that help various clients reach their goals. Before this was the case, he still had gone through a lot of challenges that shaped the way he had handled the attitude to success and business.



Another significant achievement of Todd Lubar is the fact that he was able to carry one of the most difficult job positions in his career, which is the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding. This company was just one of the Magnus Financial Corp’s divisions that contributed to a lot to its growth.



It can also be said that a great strength of Todd Lubar is mortgage banking. He has used his strength to acquire many powerful companies, managed them well and led them to the leading positions that they are Some of these companies include the ones from the demolition industry, real estate, and recycling business. The fact that he’s able to diversify across a series of varying sectors means that Todd Lubar has the skills to not just focus on one area of business, but to a variety of platforms, making him versatile enough to lead in different areas. Check out Yelp for more.



About Todd Lubar



Despite his busy schedule, Lubar spends his personal life in Bethesda, Maryland, with his two beautiful children. He spends time with his family in travels and sports. You can visit his Instagram page.


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Jason Halpern taking JMH Development Company to Greater Heights

DanieldelaVega, AvivSiso, Laura Garcia, LouisBuckworth, ThomasJuulHansen and JasonHalpern
DanieldelaVega, AvivSiso, Laura Garcia, LouisBuckworth, ThomasJuulHansen and JasonHalpern

Jason Halpern is the Managing Director of the successful real estate development company, JMH Development. It is the mission of the company to provide quality and sustainable properties to its clients throughout the United States. Jason comes from a family that has been in this business for over three decades. He took over the leadership of the company in 2010 and in a short period, the company has become one of the top real estate companies in the country. It is due to his expertise and knowledge of many years that he has been able to provide his assistance in the development of innovative properties. Jason is quite different from other developers in the business. He is among those who like to know about the community where he starts the project so that it blends in with the surroundings and becomes an important part of it. This is why he look over different company projects personally and ensures that each of them offers something to the community it will be built on.


Jason Halpern with His Wife
Jason Halpern with His Wife

One of the big projects that JMH Development has taken up is the Aloft South Beach in Miami. The plan is to convert the current Motel Ankara into a big hotel with all modern amenities. According to Jason, the company is working in collaboration with Plaza Construction and ADD Inc to offer something different to this part of the United States. The project will be located on the Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast allowing for a great view from the rooms. Guests will be able to enjoy an outdoor pool, fitness center, a nightclub and a live lounge within the premises. There will also be meeting rooms for companies and social gatherings. Apart from this, the company has more than 100 hotels to be open under its umbrella. This project has allowed the company to provide a large employment opportunity for the people not just in the United States but from outside the country as well.


Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur
Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Apart from Miami, the company is also taking up large projects in the Big Apple such as the project where they will be transforming about 300 warehouses into luxury condos. Some of the projects that the company is currently working on are the renovation of the 184 Kent Avenue office and the Cobble Hill Project. Apart from his work, Jason is a sports enthusiast and loves to travel. He is also a big fan of football and scuba diving. When not working, Jason is usually traveling to new places, and his son joins him whenever he can. He is a committed father to his seven-year-old son and loves to spend time with him. He is currently dating a successful Ukraine model, VeronikaGOmeniouk, with whom he has been in a relationship for many years now.


Todd Lubar’s Relevance in the Real Estate Industry of Maryland State

Maryland is one of the U.S. states with a significant growth in real estate developments. The state authorities enacted several regulations to curb real estate crises witnessed in the previous years. Their efforts have made commercial and residential properties to be consumer friendly. Furthermore, the median price of homes in Baltimore hit $243,000 as of 2016.

Role of Real Estate Agents in the Industry

The real estate sector of Maryland attributes much of its growth to developers such as Todd Lubar. Lubar is a Syracuse University alumnus, who ventured into the industry back in 1995. His career progressed due to his ambition to learn every aspect of the sector and help others. He first worked as a contracted loan originator for a mortgage banking company known as Crestar Mortgage Corporation.

Lubar gained most of his experience in mortgage banking from Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Due to his passion for transforming the real estate sector, he built relationships with established real estate agents, CPAs, financial planner, and insurance agents. He currently enlists the help of these specialists who are part of his referral base.

Just like Todd Lubar, the role of agents in this lucrative industry is to establish good relations with diverse stakeholders. Their role is to make a move and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. Lubar accepted the job Legendary Financial Group offered him as his career advanced. His job involved brokering loans to investors. He also acted as a direct mortgage bank for clients.

Todd Lubar’s Creations

Todd Lubar came up with several companies after he completed his tenure at Legendary Financial Group. One of the most successful companies he created was Legendary Properties, LLC. The firm’s sole mission is to serve clients with affordable and quality residential solutions. Legendary Properties usually invests in the construction and development of single family homes and multi-family homes.

Lubar is also known as the brains behind the famed Charter Funding. The financial services company operates as a mortgage banking arm of First Magnus Financial Corporation. Lubar founded the two companies with a vision of growing his business as well as serving the underserved. Legendary Properties, LLC, targets clients who have been denied access to loans by other lending corporations. More details can be found on Crunchbase profile.

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