ConnectUs Automated Forms Are Changing The Face Of Corrective Institutions

Securus Technologies has already revitalized communication throughout the prison industry. They started in 1987 based in Texas. In the fullness of time, they’ve come to work with some 2,600 separate correctional facilities across the United States. The solutions they provide have streamlined operations and infrastructure across the country, and now this top-tier organization has developed a new solution sure to make exceptional waves once more.

ConnectUs Automated Forms allows inmates to fill out forms and send them to personnel that deal with them digitally. Storage, filing, and individual interaction between support staff and inmates can be substantively diminished. Medical forms, sign-up forms, processing–all these things can be completed through ConnectUs. They can be completed much more quickly, stored much more securely, and acted on much more dependably. Inmates have the ability to track the progress of a given form they’ve filed as well, which will cut down on negative interactions between inmates and personnel.

The platform itself is designed to be easy to use and intuitive. It is also designed to be customizable. This is necessary, as different correctional facilities are going to have different requirements as concern inmates and the processing of forms. Additionally, security predicates that inmate access should be strictly monitored at all times. In instances where inmates have access, the length they have that access should be controlled on an individual basis per facility. Securus understands this. The need for security in corrective facilities can’t be overstated, and so Securus are no slouches when it comes to this aspect of their operations. While inmates now have access to more applications than ever before, that access isn’t of the uncontrollable carte blanche variety.

ConnectUs Automated Forms are quickly being unveiled in facilities across the country, and by the time the full transition has taken place, millions will likely be saved in time and resources.

Securus: GTL Guilty of Integrity Breaches

In the digital era, in order for law enforcement agencies to perform their duties effectively they must rely on companies that can provide them with the technological solutions necessary to keep up with the times. Because of this important function these companies serve, their reliability is an issue law enforcement and the public at large is constantly vigilant of. In the case of Global Tel Link, competitor Securus Technologies claims that there’s reason for concern.

According to Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, Global Tel Link has let its clients down by not rewarding their confidence with service that boasts integrity and sound business ethics. Smith sees Securus as a company that takes the service they provide law enforcement and their cooperating bodies as essential to public safety, which is why the company has made it a priority to publish findings from recent investigations into Global Tel Link’s business practices and provide them to the public so that they can be reviewed without bias.

Securus has acquired several reports from Global Tel Link’s previous contracts. The first to be released was published by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, who investigated Global Tel Link after noticing discrepancies with performance and cost for outbound telecom services provided to the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The Public Service Commission concluded that GTL engaged in unlawful tampering of clocks, which allowed them to inflate rate caps on calls and increase charges. They also added programs to service packaged without informing the Department of Corrections. These behaviors cost Louisiana taxpayers approximately $1.2 million in unauthorized charges.

Smith has been vocal about the behavior of competitor GTL and has stated that such practices are atrocious given the important role in public safety companies in this market serve. It’s for this reason that he urges the public to review the documents published on their site.