Eric Pulier a Great American Columnist

Eric Pulier is a famous author, speaker, columnist, Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist. He is also a co-founder and founder of many multi-million companies. He has managed to amass a lot of wealth from these companies and is able to support people in need. The great investor has been able to help many people and especially children. Some of his great companies include Akana, Desktone, Media platform, and also the TM forum. He is, therefore, a great entrepreneur of all times and is also known for his skills in starting start-ups. Passion and hard-work drive him and is always ready to succeed. That is why Eric Pulier’s start ups always thrive to greatness. He is loved and respected by many people because of his managerial skills.

Eric Pulier was born in the United States in New Jersey. He was believed to possess natural intelligence which many people do not have. He joined the Havard University and did computer programming. He formed a database company immediately he completed his high school. Eric Pulier after joining Havard, he became a journalist and started writing the Havard Newspapers. He started appearing at the company’s site and also the writer’s profile of the University. He wrote about terrorism and technology. He has technology worked tirelessly and his content is of great value.

Eric Pulier has been for so long been tagged the name philanthropy. He has really achieved and has been on the frontline helping children suffering from chronic diseases. He works to bring on board technological advancements that will help those children end stigma. He has created a social media network that will help them chat regularly. He ensures that the cases of chronic diseases from spreading are stopped from spreading. He also funds organizations like ‘’painted Turtle” which is the heart of caring for children with chronic diseases. He is also on the Board of Management of the said organization. Eric has also donated millions of dollars to Starbright World. It works in helping people with special needs. He funds mercy organizations and always does it with love and commitment.

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Securus Technologies On Track For Most Inmate Calls

Securus Technologies has received notoriety in the correctional facility market for implementing a program that has resulted in the culmination of the highest rate of inmate calls in American history. This achievement has made Secures Technologies one of the most popular brands in inmate visitation technology. The development of the video enhanced software has caused a massive shift in the inmate communication systems in correctional facilities. Instead of communicating via telephone systems and personal visitation, inmates are now able to use linked in data networks to communicate with their loved ones via video chats. This development has caused a marked improvement in inmate behavior and relations with civilians.
The most remarkable difference between traditional correctional communication systems and the ones developed by Securus Technologies is the network the software uses.  No other communications software has ever allowed inmates the ability to communicate with the outside world with such ease of use and non limited communication. While their communication may be limited by the specific corrections facility in which they are being held, their are no limits placed upon communication by the communications software because of the use of data networks. Watch this video on Youtube.

This new development in inmate software technology has reportedly caused the number of inmate calls on this device to surge on a national level. Reports by from March of 2016 listed the Securus Technology communications software as the most popular communications program that the corrections industry has seen since the development of the telephone system. Prisons have reported high levels of success with implementing the programs into their facilities and are pleased with the resulting effects the software has on the behavior of the inmates.  More information can be found here.