Securus Technologies On Track For Most Inmate Calls

Securus Technologies has received notoriety in the correctional facility market for implementing a program that has resulted in the culmination of the highest rate of inmate calls in American history. This achievement has made Secures Technologies one of the most popular brands in inmate visitation technology. The development of the video enhanced software has caused a massive shift in the inmate communication systems in correctional facilities. Instead of communicating via telephone systems and personal visitation, inmates are now able to use linked in data networks to communicate with their loved ones via video chats. This development has caused a marked improvement in inmate behavior and relations with civilians.
The most remarkable difference between traditional correctional communication systems and the ones developed by Securus Technologies is the network the software uses.  No other communications software has ever allowed inmates the ability to communicate with the outside world with such ease of use and non limited communication. While their communication may be limited by the specific corrections facility in which they are being held, their are no limits placed upon communication by the communications software because of the use of data networks.

This new development in inmate software technology has reportedly caused the number of inmate calls on this device to surge on a national level. Reports by from March of 2016 listed the Securus Technology communications software as the most popular communications program that the corrections industry has seen since the development of the telephone system. Prisons have reported high levels of success with implementing the programs into their facilities and are pleased with the resulting effects the software has on the behavior of the inmates.  More information can be found here.