Video Visitation Service Helpful Over Holidays

Being separated from your family and friends is one of the hardest part of being incarcerated in a correctional basilica. While being separated from your family it’s hard throughout the year, it is particularly difficult during the holiday season. While being away from their family during the holidays is tough on inmates, a new video visitation software can bring them closer than ever before.


The new video visitation software is provided by Securus Technologies, which is a Dallas, Texas based company that has been providing security and communications products and services to the correctional facility industry for over a decade. Today, the company provides products and services to over 1,000 law enforcement facilities, correctional facilities, and prisons located all over the country. These facilities on a daily basis house over a million customers per year.


The new video visitation service is a very convenient option when it comes to visiting loved ones at a prison. Each facility that has the capabilities has a portal that can come equipped with a video camera. An inmate can then connect to a family member or friend that is able to dial into the video software through a phone, tablet, or other mobile device.


While these systems are available all year long, they are particularly popular over the holidays. During the holiday season, an inmate will be able to connect with their family members for a pre-determined period of time and enjoy as much of the family party as possible. It also reduces the need for an in-facility visit during the holidays, which is far more convenient for the prison and the visitor.


Video Visitation Brings Big Downloads to Securus

While the general public may turn to Apple or Microsoft for everyday tech solutions to their communication needs, the world of corrections turns to Securus Technologies, known as the premiere provider of tech solutions to correctional facilities across North America. And while this company provides a great deal of products and services vital for law enforcement to do its job, they also extend avenues of communication to the family and loved ones of incarcerated persons.

Video visitation is a popular app made available through Securus that’s been made available to the general public for about six months. In that time, more than 60,000 users have downloaded the app through various Android marketplaces (access the app here). Through Apple’s App Store, more than 5,000 users accessed the app. This was a number that beat internal estimates, highlighting the popularity and essential status of such a communication tool.

Securus Technologies’ Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Russell Robert, Video Visitation is an app that strengthens communication through the Internet between inmates serving time and their families and friends.

With the use of Video Visitation, inmates and their families can communicate regularly with the use of video conferencing to any Apple licensed smartphone, tablet or iPod Touch, or the to many mobile devices running on an Android operating system. The mobility of this app is rather unprecedented for what’s already a fairly new method of communication. With the option to call in from anywhere – unlike the limitations of other inmate phone calls platforms – family members can establish meetings with their loved ones without the need of a traditional PC or accompanying accessories. All that is required of them is to access their mobile data plan or any accessible Wi-Fi hot spot and a video conference can take place, relieving the pressure placed on them to meet times for visitation and the burden of frequent travel.

Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas, and from their headquarters there they provide tech solutions and products to over 3,400 law enforcement bodies and coordinating correctional facilities that house and police some 1.2 million inmates.

Securus’ involvement with these institutions allows for them to communicate seamlessly, bettering their coordination when responding to emergency situations, assist in investigations with biometric analyses, and provide information instantly to surrounding communities to better ensure safety and security for the general public.


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