Billy McFarland Is The Man Who Created Magnises Elite Image

Billy McFarland is a young entrepreneur that has found a great deal of success at just 25 years old. He founded the company, Magnises in 2013, which also released their black card in 2014. Magnises operates as a high class social club for millennials to expand on their networks and social lives in an exciting way.

As an elite club, members will be able to get discounts at their favorite places and get to use special perks. Magnises is a private club for those in th New York City and Washington DC area, giving the best night life experience one could hope to experience. Magnises will also spread into more cities in the not too distant future.

According to Crunchbase, even though Billy McFarland decide to drop out of college, his ideas and technical abilities brought him more success than he ever dreamed of having. Before founding Magnises, he also founded another online ad company, also known as Spling, which is still going strong today. His new business endeavors in New York with Magnises has him often hosting events and parties in the clubs social lounge.

Interestingly enough, it was during some down time with his friends that the idea for Magnises came about, while talking about using credit cards. Billy had an idea for using a credit card in a more personalized way, which is what the Magnises Black Card is has become today.

One of the first things Billy did was start off a launch party, which he did at his own townhouse at the time. Since then things have changed quite a big, since he is now throwing parties in his penthouse in New York City.

The black card that the company designed for its members also goes as far as linking with their current bank accounts, so they can use their black card for special rewards. This also means they don’t need to set up a special account to link it to. Billy McFarland has big plans for his future, and he wants to use his savvy tech ideas to expand his businesses to new locations in the coming years.