White Shark Media Complaints – How They Are Addressed

Any company that has not dealt with customer complaints is one that has yet to open its doors to the public. All businesses in all industries must contend with customer complaints. Their Google+ page, says that the online marketing and PPC/AdWords management firm White Shark Media is not immune from criticism.

The business has had to deal with a few complaints. What separates White Shark Media from so many other businesses is the firm very deliberate and public steps to fix things. A blog post published on the company’s website shows White Shark Media’s dedication to improve.

Communications is a huge part of all AdWords campaign. The Miami firm had decent communications systems in place, but customers wanted something a bit more than decent. The refrain of “I lost track of my AdWords campaign” weighed heavily on management’s shoulders. Steps were taken to fix things.

White Shark Media Complaints took many steps to boost communications. First, all the steps that are going to be taken with the campaign are explained before anything commences. This way, the client and the firm are both on the proverbial same page.

Follow-up communications is made much easier as well. Monthly sessions are set up being a marketing representative and the client through the vaunted GoToMeeting platform. Clients can learn all they need to know about the current state of the campaign through this meeting session. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: https://twitter.com/whitesharkmedia

Direct extensions have been added to the phone system. This way, clients can get in touch with their marketing specialist much more easily. The original general phone number relay system was not efficient. The current phone setup is way better.

Tracking systems have been put into effect in order to determine the source of phone leads. An AdWords campaign sometimes inadvertently generates incoming sales calls. No company is going to be unhappy about potential customers calling, but the managers do need to know if they are AdWords related.

The more details the client knows about the campaigns analytics, the easier it becomes for the client to budget the campaign.

White Shark Media is a new company on the AdWords scene. The company has successfully handled millions of dollars in client funds. The ability to accept and properly react to criticism aided the company doing so well.