Traveling Vineyard Offers Vacations For All

Napa Valley is known for its eclectic selections of one thing: wine. This is some of the best lands for growing grapes in all of the US and possibly in all of the world. It’s also a place where most tourists don’t even realize they have to go off of the paved roads and take to the back countries to find some of the best sightseeing and the most beautiful sounds and scenery that California has to offer.

Napa Valley’s Traveling Vineyard helps bring together art and some of the best wine that California has to offer to show patrons the beauty of art and wine all on the same tour. This kind of tour encourages tourists to enjoy some of the best art and wine that the state has to offer. If you are not a wine drinker there is still plenty of nature and art that you can enjoy while staying here with us in the Napa Valley area. You can plan your own flexible schedules, and involve much or little wine as you wish in your trip. Decide what you want to do and we will make an itinerary that meets your personal taste, style, and desires for a memorable trip you will never forget.

The business model of the Traveling Vineyard of the direct-selling platform of in-home wine-tasting for members. The company was founded in 2001 but was restructured in 2010 by the person who brought it in, Rick Libby. There are about 5,000 independent representatives, called Wine Guides, pay one-time fees and are in return given one-time kits that provide wine education materials to the representatives to help them go to individuals to sell wines for the company. The kit includes sample accessories, tasting glasses, and bottles of wine for the first tasting that will be provided.

The sellers that are paying these fees are then members of the Direct Selling Association which means that they are protected by the member companies responsible for the ethics and business standards that protect the customers, representatives, and the individual companies sponsoring these tastings and showings. The company even belongs to the Better Business Bureau. The company uses the method of direct selling in their business.

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