The OSI Group Expands Its Operations

The OSI is a very prominent and a successful company in the food processing industry with its Managing Director as Mr. Rio and Mr. Sheldon Lavin as the Chief Executive Officer. It does not operate in a specific country but in seventeen different countries including Europe and also China. The company has hired a number of over 20,000 workers and sells a variety of foods such as bacon, pizza and beef among others. This fast -growing company has its headquarters located in Aurora. The company is said to have expanded its operations recently to Spain. This involves an increase and improvement in the tons of chicken produced by the company.

The expansion of the company also led to the employment of more workers so as to be able to handle the extra tons of beef, pork and also pork products to be produced. The company decided to expand its operations due to the very high demand for quality food products and especially chicken in both Portugal and also Spain. The expansion also includes the construction of a building which contains a kitchen for developing products, a storage area, product receiving areas and a container for storing waste among others. The various workers of the OSI Group are environmental conversant. They are focused on utilizing the environmental natural resources such as energy in a conservative manner.

This is achieved through the use of energy saving equipment and other various equipment for recovering energy at their various business branches. Due to its concern to development in the agriculture sector, the company was awarded with some financial assistance to carry out the agricultural project which also provided jobs to a large number of the jobless people. The OSI Group also received the Global Visionary Award from the India’s Vision Global Academy. Mr. Sheldon Lava, the CEO is accredited to the company’s fast growth. The OSI Group was awarded with the Worldwide Safety Award and the Globe of honor Award. The OSI Group has also purchased several properties to expand its businesses. This include a food plant for processing food, and a storage building located in Chicago.

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