What Paul Mampilly Predicts for 2019

One of the top investors of all time, Paul Mampilly, has now made 10 predictions regarding business and money for 2019. Hailing from India, he chose to come to the United States to attend college. Falling in love with the United States, he decided to stay here and build a new life for himself. It didn’t take long for him to grow his professional career into something successful. Paul Mampilly would spend 20 years on Wall Street learning every aspect of finance, trade, and investing that one could possibly learn. His hard work and dedication landed him several key positions including working as a money manager, portfolio manager, and other management positions.

Due to his extensive experience, Paul Mampilly has made it a point to share his knowledge with everyone. His mission is to help everyone learn the most basic principles of investing so that they can plan better for the future. One of his primary predictions that Paul Mampilly made, is that big data will become more accessible. This is most likely due to the fact that artificial intelligence is become more popular and impacting the ability to acquire customers at a much lower cost than in times past.

His second prediction was that home sales would slow down, and that has been the talk of most states, while only a few seem to be sailing. A third consideration for the business world is that consumers are without a doubt more demanding. This is also reflecting upon the concept that marketing should be more customer-centric. This day and age is good for what many say is a world full of self-serving individuals. However, Mampilly is not one of them. His goal was to start sharing his valuable knowledge with others in an attempt to see that the average individual would be able to invest wisely and see a profitable return for their future.