Sheldon Lavin: Managing the OSI Group

The OSI Group is one of the most successful food manufacturing business in the world, and Sheldon Lavin serves as the current chief executive officer of the company. He is responsible for expanding the company on a global scale, and today, he still works for the benefit of the company, opening new facilities around the world and managing the business to success. Sheldon Lavin is known for his expertise when it comes to the financial sector, and he has been using these skills especially when he was managing his own financial firm. He was a total stranger in the food manufacturing firm, and the opportunity for him to enter the industry began when Otto & Sons owners approached his firm for additional funding.

After Ray Kroc offered the OSI Group to be the official supplier of burger patties for McDonald’s Corporation, the owners of the company do not have enough funding. They had to look for a third party financial provider who would give them additional capital. It was during this time when Sheldon Lavin was acquainted with the owners of Otto & Sons, and under the agreement that they had to sign in the bank, the owners of Otto & Sons had to give him a percentage of the company shares. As years go by, the owners of Otto & Sons decided to retire from their posts and chose to live a private life. The management of the company was left under the hands of Sheldon Lavin, and he promised them that the company will be in good hands, and he will use all of his knowledge and skills to make the company grow further. To know more about him click here.

Today, the OSI Group is managing more than 70 facilities scattered around the world, and Sheldon Lavin is proud to say that the company is taking care of their 20,000 strong employees by providing them with the best benefit in the industry. There is a challenge in maintaining their facilities overseas because of the different cultures, but according to him, the assistance from their foreign corporate officers are helping them thrive abroad, allowing them to expand further and to open new locations.

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